About Us

Echo Ecology was formed in 2012 by Anna McConville to provide high quality and science-based ecological consulting services. Anna has over 10 years of consulting experience and has recently been awarded her PhD after completing a thesis on the ecology of a threatened insectivorous bat species. Anna has worked on and overseen a range of development proposals, including some very large residential and infrastructure projects. She is most experienced in the ecosystems of eastern Australia, but has also worked in remote areas of western NSW, central QLD, the Simpson Desert, NT and the Kimberley, WA. 

Our combination of research and consulting experience allows us to tailor surveys and reporting to suit a variety of client needs.
 We provide a wide range of services from general flora and fauna surveys, through to specialist studies such as bat surveys and call analysis, mark-recapture, radio-tracking, habitat modelling and long-term monitoring.  

Peer-reviewed publications:
  • McConville, A., Law, B. and Mahony, M. 2013. Are regional habitat models useful at a local-scale? A case study of threatened and common insectivorous bats in south-eastern Australia, PLOS ONE 8(8): e72420. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0072420.
  • McConville, A., Law, B., Penman, T. and Mahony, M. 2013. Contrasting habitat use of morphologically similar bat species with differing conservation status in south-eastern Australia, Austral Ecology, Early View.
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