Ecological Monitoring
Ecological monitoring programs are often required to monitor the condition of ecosystems or a particular threatened species over time. These programs are usually undertaken in response to an activity (disturbance or rehabilitation) and may be required as part of development consent conditions or conservation management plans.

Echo Ecology specialises in designing scientifically rigorous ecological monitoring programs. We tailor a program specifically to your project or compliance objectives. Our ecologists understand the importance of careful planning in the design-phase to obtain quality monitoring results over the course of the project.
We pride ourselves on providing exceptional communication of monitoring results to clients, offering:  
  • Regular project briefings;
  • PowerPoint presentations of key results;
  • Compliance tracking;
  • Detailed monitoring reports;
  • Statistical analyses of results;
  • Visualisation of key results using GIS mapping;
  • Provision of all raw data and spatial layers; and
  • Ongoing maintenance of biological databases.
New monitoring programs
Our ecological monitoring programs incorporate the following aspects:
  • Compliance review
  • Best-practice survey techniques
  • Statistically valid design
  • Spatial database development and maintenance
Existing program review
We also offer objective review of existing monitoring programs in relation to legislative compliance, statistical rigour and current best-practice. 

Spatial analyses
Our spatial analyses services may also be combined with monitoring surveys to produce maps from statistical models of habitat use to explore ecosystem changes over time. These are useful to identify spatial trends in habitat use and to focus rehabilitation or conservation effort.
Specialist advice
In addition to standard ecological survey methods, we are also experienced in advanced survey techniques that may be required to provide additional information for targeted monitoring projects. For example, we have existing approvals in place for mark-recapture and radio-tracking studies to streamline planning for these specialist research projects.

New technology
Echo Ecology uses up-to-date methodology and equipment to obtain the best possible results for our clients in a cost-effective manner.

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