Spatial Analyses

Echo Ecology and Surveying has high-level geographic information system (GIS) capabilities. We can assist clients with both standard and specialised mapping requirements for ecological projects. 

​Preliminary site assessments

There is a range of spatial data available for most study sites which can be used in preliminary analyses to assist with land-use decision making. Echo Ecology and Surveying can assist by identifying and mapping ecological constraints and opportunities of potential development or offset sites.

Mapping to accompany reporting

We see GIS as an important tool to communicate ecological data. Both our ecological surveys and reports are accompanied by carefully selected maps to summarise key issues.

​GIS and statistics

We can use ecological data collected during flora and fauna surveys to create spatial models for your project. For large projects, habitat models may be useful to monitor change in species distributions over time, focus future survey effort and for land-use planning

​Spatial data management

We can provide you with the base spatial layers in a format compatible with your GIS system (e.g. ArcGIS, MapInfo, Manifold, QGIS). Additionally, we can assist with setting up and managing your ecological databases.

Spatial data collection

Echo Ecology and Surveying uses current mobile data collection technology during surveys to increase efficiency.