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27 May 2016

Current taxonomic list of Australian bats 

The holy grail for ecologists! A complete list of the current nomenclature for our bat species. End your confusion and download the current list to use in your upcoming reports. 

You can download the most recent version from the Australasian Bat Society Webpage: here 

Research Snapshots
by Anna McConville

Mosquitoes are important to insectivorous bats

A recent research paper by Dr Leroy Gonsalves has found that mosquitoes are important dietary items for insectivorous bats. Leroy radio-tracked Little Forest Bats (Vespadelus vulturnus) on the Central Coast of NSW as they foraged at night and related habitat use to mosquito abundance. The study found that these bats changed their foraging range to correspond with changes in mosquito abundance. This study suggests that these bats were actually seeking out mosquitoes as prey, rather than just consuming them opportunistically.

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